‘Prison Bae’ Jeremy Meeks Welcomes New Baby With Girlfriend Chloe Green

Jeremy ‘Prison Bae’ Meeks, Chloe Green

Jeremy ‘Prison Bae’ Meeks and Topshop heiress Chloe Green just welcomed their new baby boy Jaden Meeks-Green. We previously reported back in March, that the couple was rumored to be expecting a child but the pregnancy was never confirmed. 

Jeremy and Chloe confirmed the birth of their child via Instagram when they posted a picture of their baby boy griping the finger of each parent.

“We are pleased to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy Jayden Meeks-Green. Born May 29th 2018. Mommy and Baby both doing well. We kindly ask to respect our privacy Please. Much love Jeremy & Chloe”

Jeremy and Chloe reportedly began dating when he was still married to now ex-wife Melissa Meeks. After a picture of Jeremy and Chloe kissing became public, Jeremy and Melissa reportedly split ways. Melissa told the Daily Mail after the photos of the two came out:

I know it takes two to tango but she knew he was married. To me, that’s unforgivable. My whole world has been torn apart by this. What do I tell our children? My heart is broken.

Jeremy then later filed for divorce in October of last year and was reportedly on vacation with Chloe when the news of the divorce became public. Jeremy and Melissa share a son Jeremy Jr. and two stepchildren together.

Jeremy is known as the ‘hot felon’ after taking a very modelesque mugshot that went viral after he got arrested. While he is a known felon and ex-gang member, he seems to have turned his life around with his brand new modeling career.

Congratulations to the happy couple on their new baby boy!

By: Jeanine Cruz


Authored by: Kellie Williams