Bishop Jakes Calls Critic A Coward, Defends Preachers Wearing Bling

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Apparently, us sinners aren’t the only ones that clap back at each other on social media — apparently, so do saints. We caught Bishop T.D. Jakes politely checking one of his critics, who questioned the fact that he was wearing a diamond ring in one of his Instagram photos. An Instagram user by the name of @photo_syn_the_sis, left the following observation on Jakes’ Instagram page:

I didn’t know that preachers wear diamond rings, preachers are supposed to be humble Like Jesus was and preach the real truth. You are not even close being like Jesus, you flash your ring, but the truth is you say you know God but do you really. God wouldn’t flash Jewelry around you really need to read your Bible. Acts 2:38 everything in the Bible is the truth, people need to open their eyes and read there Bible not listen to the things you want them to hear. Their BLOOD is on you @bishopjakes The things you say is sad you teach what you think they need to hear, But do you teach on how the Hair is a women’s Glory no you teach what you want them to hear. Man I feel sorry for you on judgment day. The Blood that is on your Hands, all these people that will burn in Hell with you and they will say WHY ??????? JOHN 8:47

Bishop Jakes responded:

@photo_syn_the_sis Only cowards throw such rocks and then block their site for comment! My