(EXCLUSIVE) Dwight Howard Garnished Baby Mama Royce Reeds Bank Account Over $535K Judgement

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Dwight Howard Garnished Baby Mama Royce Reeds Bank Account Over 535k Judgement-the jasmine brand

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, NBA star Dwight Howard is still on the hunt for his baby mama Royce Reed’s money — due to him being owed $500k+ on a judgement he won years ago. According to court docs, he recently had her bank account garnished to start collecting on the debt.

According to docs filed earlier this year in Orange County, FL court, Dwight had the former Basketball Wives star’s bank account garnished to pay back a $500k+ judgement that she was slapped with in a legal battle with her baby daddy.


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  • Anonymous

    What a mess!

    • gigi

      Not surprised he’s total Jerk.

      • Richard

        So Dwight Howard is the jerk, but she broke the confidentially clause in order to go on a “reality” show to blast him and bolster herself… right.

      • No he’s not a jerk, only you females are who think everytime you women run to court you are supposed to win, you would not be saying this if the judge ruled in her favor ;-D

  • Jasmin Walters

    It’s so unfortunate when parents don’t get along. They’re attacking each other in the age of social media. Their son will read these things one day. Very petty.

  • oh please

    so what is she going to use to support your kid idiot?

    • Oh please!! the mans a millionaire and would never allow his child to go hungry, i have no sympathy for this mom who violated a gag order, she made it hard on herself now she can’t buy no fake hair, nails, eyelashes or designer clothes ;-D

  • ThatsMrsB*tchToYou

    Yes, Royce really should have abided by that legal binding contract of confidentiality. For the sake of the child’s well being, this should’ve been hashed out in private – all legal documents sealed. Looks like these “adults” got caught up in FIGHTING each other and forgot the really important life between them.

  • Anonymous

    Why would he be so greedy when he has millions of dollars? He’s an asshole for that.

    • Saquetta

      Because it’s the principle. baby mom or not she broke a legal binding agreement and by law she has to pay. It’s the principle he’s not be an ass or jerk just collecting what is legally his. Hell anyone else would too.

  • Mj


  • Lovely1

    This is really sad. Dwight Howard is an a**hole! Be very careful who you lay down with. Why would you put the mother of your child through this type of crap.

    • Anonymous

      She brought all of this on herself, she shouldn’t have agreed to the gag order. But since she did, pay up and next time shut the hell up!!

  • Anonymous

    Good 4 him

  • Now that’s a dam shame..he taking money straight from his son’s mouth..#helessthanAMan