[INTERVIEW] Quincy Addresses 50 Cent’s Beef With His Father Diddy: Everything is a game.

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Quincy Addresses 50 Cent's Beef With His Father Diddy-the jasmine brand

Looks like we’ll be hearing AND seeing more from Quincy Brown, the son of former super-model Kim Porter and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (his biological father is Al B. Sure). The 24-year-old is pursuing both music and big screens, snagging a role in the new film, Brotherly LovetheJasmineBRAND.com correspondent @SmithWorldWide recently caught up with Quincy, who gave us his honest opinion about the vodka war brewing between 50 Cent and Diddy. [FYI: The two moguls rep opposing Vodka brands and 50 has taken some public jabs at Combs. Peep the Instagram post below.].

Quincy also shares the business advice that his celebrity parents gives and where he’s headed musically. Peep the excerpts below. On balancing music and movies: 

With the music and the movies, it’s fun to balance both, you know? Because it’s something that I love to do and I’m passionate about both things so to actually have things in motion on the music side and things in motion theatrically – TV, film, it’s makes me happy.

On his name change: 

My last name is Combs, my last name is Brown – I go by Quincy. If I was able to take off the Brown and the Combs for my brand…I might do that, you know? But dealing with how they structure things I don’t mind the “Quincy Brown” being my actor name and just the “Quincy” as an artist, as a brand but either way I’m Quincy.

 Advice given to him by his parents: 

All in all, just to be yourself – be you. It’s a lot of people out here who’ve established themselves. Some people may bite off of some people, some people may get styles from other people but at the end of the day as long as you can create your own style within that, you know that can  benefit everything else.

The beef between Diddy and 50 Cent: 

I mean at the end of the day everything is a game, everything is a race, it’s a competition – everything, so whether it’s liquor, whether it’s clothes, music, that’s stuff is gonna happen. At the end of the day people are just trying to get promo here and there, they’re gonna do whatever it takes. 50 may take it a certain way, my pops may take it a certain way but it’s all just…BS.

On his new music:

I’m dropping a new single featuring G. Eazy next week, I wanna say hopefully by Friday. It’s called ‘Exotic’.”

See Quincy’s full interview below.

‘Brotherly Love’ hits theaters April 24.

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  • brittany

    I’m proud of Quincy and all his accomplishments. I super excited to hear Exotic.

  • Kia

    Wow I’m proud to but damn do he ever mention his dad Al B. Sure. He always talking about Diddy. Diddy’s not his dad he should bond w/his dad and other siblings and changing his last name hell he can’t change the face Al B. Sure all day long

    • TLovinlife

      How do you bond with someone who hasn’t been a father to you?Diddy has been there for Quincy since day one, so that is who he considers dad. And yes he does look just like Al. B Sure.

    • jake

      What exactly is a dad? what makes you a father? If you think getting a girl pregnant makes you a father then I have news for you it doesn’t. The man who raised him, put a roof over his head and was there through out his life is his father. And why would he mention Al b sure when the interviewer didn’t ask anything about him. He answered questions he was asked. People just want to talk sh!t. And just so you know he does consider Al b sure as his father, he talked about that situation a million times. He always say that he has two fathers.

  • Iesha Bray

    More great things to come to you Quincy.

  • TLovinlife

    50 Cent is an A–hole. He makes me sick. He needs to have several seats. Always starting something with someone. No one is tripping off him, they about that money. Grow up already!

    • Anonymous

      Like quincy said it’s just a game and they basically getting promo. We should not believe everything you read in the media. Each will have a different version of the actual truth.

  • jake

    He seems like a decent kid. Hope to see more from him.