Dej Loaf’s Ex-Girlfriend Says Relationship With Lil Durk Is Fake

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Dej Loaf Says Relationship With Lil Durk Fake-the jasmine brand

For the last week, Dej Loaf’s (real name Deja Trimble) relationship status has made a few headlines in the rap world. Rumors hit last week that the Detroit-bred emcee was dating rapper Lil Durk.

Angeleah Speights

Angeleah Speights

However, in an interview with Bossip, Dej’s ex-girlfriend Angeleah Speights (aka Aye Redd) is painting a different story, claiming that Dej’s relationship with Durk is fake and that she was with the rapper all weekend and they continue to love one another. She tells the site:

They’re not together they’re not a couple,. They don’t f**k around at all. I think they’re trying to make it seem like they’re together. I don’t know what it is but it’s fake.

Peep more excerpts from the interview.


Dej, Angelah

How she met Dej:

My best friend was managing her at one point in time, my sister and Dej sister were best friends. We started dating last year, we just became really good friends. I never dated a girl before her. She was the first girlfriend I ever had. I was definitely turned out. I was 100% aware of my decision, everything I’ve done and who I’ve been with, I don’t point any fingers at nobody for what’s happened with my life or what is going on with my life. I don’t regret our relationship at all. I just wish I… How can I say this? I feel like it was never put out there or came out of my mouth but it was obvious we were dating, it wasn’t a secret. I was with her every day, for every appearance, every performance, every time she was on set.

Dej Loaf-Ex Girlfriend Angeleah Speights-the jasmine brand


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  • mizz_ag

    OK there now….. Hmmmm

  • jay

    I knew this story was (Fake), this chick is allegedly a Stud and besides look how she’s (Frowning) on the photo and look at her (Body Language) with the Guy….All signs points to Lesbo Culture.

  • AC

    I use to be a fan of Dej Loaf until I read an article of her saying she isn’t gay and that dikes just love her….please stop fronting. If you don’t want to admit that you like females just say nothing. Don’t call them names and make it seem like chicks be joking you out of no where. Her girlfriend stated that in another article, be yourself and stop trying to please others.


  • Tommy

    Yea you seem weak lying on your privates. If you like girls why lie? Like being gay isn’t accepted now in society. People trip me out man.

  • Anonymous

    I dont really mind dej being a lesbian. ..I am a lesbian too ppl talk but I really don’t give a damn I just enjoy my life and I enjoy being in a lesbian??