(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina Biopic In The Works, Demetria McKinney & Vivica Fox Cast

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(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina Biopic In The Works, Demetria McKinney & Vivica Fox Cast

Demetria McKinney

Sources say,

Demetria has the voice and she’s an actress.

Demetria is known for her work as Janine Shelton–Payne on the TBS comedy sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (2006–2012). She also has been a guest star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta airing on the Bravo Television Network since its 7th season premiere.

(EXCLUSIVE) Bobbi Kristina Biopic In The Works, Demetria McKinney & Vivica Fox Cast

Vivica A. Fox

We’re also told that Vivica Fox has been cast as Pat Houston. Pat is Bobbi Kristina’s aunt and worked closely with Whitney before her death. Sources tell us that production for the biopic starts this month.

P.S. What do you think about a Bobbi Kristina biopic?

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  • sunni_daze

    Why? This does not need to be made. A. She wasn’t famous her mom was. B. If we want to see junkies we don’t need to watch a biopic

    • Shamika Hinton

      So when did GOD make u in charge to judge. I’m sure u have some in your family as well

      • Donna


    • Chopper

      !LOL whitney even if she was on drugs, did better than you could ever or will ever do in your sad non existence life. No one cares a sick shit about you- HI HATER!! STAY MAD HATER!!!

  • Entertainmentluvva

    i think Vivica should play Whitney wouldn’t that make the most sense ?! smh

    • Shamika Hinton

      Yes I agree too.

    • Chopper

      ewwww, whitney may have did drugs at a point in her career but she was not a chop shop victim!!! Vivica looks like cat woman! She could play Nicki minaj in her BIOP.

    • Donna


  • SumthinSweeter

    smmfh… this is too soon, this child barley lived to be good into her 20’s but TVOne wants to be an Biopic.

    • Donna


  • Chopper

    Whitney the gift that keeps on giving(cash)

  • Donna

    I will definitely be watching although I think it’s to soon and will be too sad.

  • Nesee leaving limaland

    I don’t think this should be done because Bobby K wanted to be in that movie and she’s no longer here . Bobby k and Vivica had a disagreement about it so Vivica should leave it alone doesn’t she already have enough money trying to make money on the dead child.

  • Jaylee2016

    if bobby brown didn’t clear this then who did? Pat?