Mo’Nique Drags Oprah, Lee Daniels & Tyler Perry: Suck my d**k!

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Mo'Nique Drags Oprah, Lee Daniels & Tyler Perry: Suck my d**k!

Mo’Nique Drags Oprah, Lee Daniels & Tyler Perry

Mo’Nique is still PISSED at the fact that she feels she was black-balled in Hollywood. Over the weekend, she performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. During one part of her routine, the Oscar Award winning actress called out Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry. She told the audience,

I was not black balled. I was white balled. By some black dicks who had no balls. Thank you Mr. Lee Daniels. Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you Ms. Oprah Winfrey. I wasn’t black balled I was f*cked up by some niggas that had no balls.

She added,

It would kill me not to say the real sh*t. You are not paying me equally….You are not treating me fairly.

Mo’Nique ended her statement by adding,

So y’all can suck my d*ck if I had one.

See the clip.

This isn’t the first time that Mo’Nique has addressed being black-balled. Back in 2015, both Lee and Mo’Nique weighed in on the situation. Click here for the backstory.

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  • currvalicious

    Chile! Well this isn’t going to help matters.

  • yvette

    She sounds disgusting. There as ANY chance them helping her she can kiss it goodbye now…

  • Courtnie Donaldson

    My thing is when she was doing the reality show called charm school. She got on them girls all the time about the nasty disgusting things that they said out their mouth. For her to go on stage and say such filth. I call her a hypocrite

  • Girlfriend

    She waited till she got the Oscar and then didn’t want to play the game that she signed up to play. Chile, bye.

  • linda

    if they didn’t black ball her she will now, she just fucked herself

  • Djphoenix

    Actually, when she first came out about the situation a few years ago, I thought it was her. But, then Monique did a very articulate and focused interview with Anderson Cooper where she brought emails, etc. and it soon became clear that it was not her. She then released emails to the public to defend her name. (See Huffington Post article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/23/monique-lee-daniels-emails-empire_n_7129932.html).

    Lee Daniels lied on everyone. He was the one to tell her she was blackballed by Oprah and Perry. When she revealed that fact, he tried to muddy her name and reputation by talking about the problems with Precious publicly and by denying that he offered her a role on Empire. Documented evidence shows that Monique met the requirements of her contract with Perry and Oprah 100% and did a professional job according to their written evaluation/feedback. They also show that Daniels did offer her the role.

    In the case of Precious, Perry and Winfrey wanted her to do additional interviews and travel beyond her contract, but with no pay, and on her dime and she said, “No”. First, she’d just had a brand new baby and marriage. Secondly, she shared that White actresses are not asked to do such things. She was already paid a ridiculously cheap amount to do the movie ($50,000). According to what she shared, Black actresses are commonly asked to do these things in the industry, and they do it because their opportunities have historically been more limited, and they want to be put on. Monique had just garnered an Oscar nomination, and they expected her pay out of her pocket. Come on. Black folks putting her in this basket. Monique asked for her travel to be covered, they wouldn’t cover it, so she respectfully (emphasis on respectfully) declined. I saw the email.

    Monique was not black balled industry-wide as indicated by Daniels, just in Perry (Didn’t he just go to court for underpaying employees? Yes.) and Winfrey world. She was working on the HBO Bessie Smith movie project and had just completed an independent film as well at the time, with other projects in the hopper. She took more time with her new baby and husband so slowing down was her decision.

    Sometimes because someone has a bigger name and platform to push their agenda, does not make that person anymore honest or correct in their actions. We have not heard from Daniels about this matter since her interview. He shut the hell up, but before that he had so much to say. I guess documented evidence trumps B.S.

    Monique may be causing more trouble for herself by being so candid about how she feels, but she is obviously not afraid to speak truth to power. It’s not what I would do, but I don’t have as many alternative revenue streams as Monique does. She will be alright. Best to her.

    • GEMINI521

      Thxx for clarifying, I wish her all the best too!!

  • Chelle West-Jackson

    Mo’Nique has always had a reputation of being difficult, demanding and rude. If you signa contract to play a role and perform certain obligatory media functions then you do so and the next time you are cast in a role, you know what to bargain for and how to get a better salary.

    If Mo’Nique felt she was treated unfairly and underpaid there are better ways and more professional ways to conduct business and getting those issues addressed. Doing a stand up and telling people they can suck her BLEEP if she had is not the way. Calling them n#[email protected]! isn’t the answer either.

    Let’s be honest if you are new to the world of acting in films, you are not going to garner top dollar. Being a foul mouth, ungrateful garter snake will not serve you well either. Casting blame for things that are clearly your problem, will not ge t you anywhere.

    After the tirade she leveled at those young girls on Charm Show about what they say, she then opens her mouth with ths diatribe of venom. Hello pot!!

  • Kathy Bringemann

    Thats why when you make good money in Hollyweird, you better save a large portion of it. Here this woman is an Oscar winner, and cannot find her way onto a good drama series or sitcom with a major network.

  • p l

    She totally fuck herself bigtime! Hollywood is design for you to play the game! If you don’t play by the higher up rules then you can cancel your dreams goodbye! She was absolutely insane to say what she said! I don’t care how angry she was at those people!!! To disrespect Oprah Whinfrey
    the way she did she might as well commit suicide but that is exactly what she did to her CAREER!!!!!

  • Frances Branch

    From what I understand, I may be wrong, She is angry because she was passed Empire that went to Taraji. They needed Ghetto, and Taraji plays the part Very Well. They chose the perfect actress for the part. In my opinion the right actress got the job. She’s digging her grave deeper and deeper. No one is going to want to work with her. I know I wouldn’t.