Details About Kanye & Kim Kardashian’s 3 Month Pregnant Surrogate Revealed! [Ovary Hustlin’]

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Details About Kanye & Kim Kardashian's 3 Month Pregnant Surrogate Revealed!

Details About KimYe’s 3 Month Pregnant Surrogate Revealed!

The West family is growing! According to reports, Kim Kardashian (36) and her husband Kanye West (40) are expecting baby number 3. Reportedly, the couple has a surrogate who is in her late 20’s and lives in San Diego. We hear their surrogate is already a mother and she’s three months pregnant. She is expected to deliver their famous baby in January 2018. She is said to have been a surrogate before. The surrogate’s identity has not been revealed.

Details About Kanye & Kim Kardashian's 3 Month Pregnant Surrogate Revealed!

Kim, Kanye, Saint & North West

As previously reported, they are paying around $45k. The alleged terms required that if the surrogate had multiples, she would be paid an additional $5k for each child. They must also pay the agency a deposit of $68,850. According to a report,

The surrogate is required to refrain from smoking, drinking and drugs during the pregnancy. She also agrees to restrict sexual activities in the weeks leading up to the pregnancy, including foregoing sexual intercourse for 3 weeks following embryo implantation. The surrogate cannot go in hot tubs or saunas, cannot handle or change cat litter, apply hair dye, drink more than one caffeinated beverage per day or eat raw fish.

Kim & Kanye Paying Surrogate 45k To Have A Child For Them

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

The reason for a surrogate? Kim is said to have placenta accreta, which occurs when all or part of the placenta attaches abnormally to the myometrium (the muscular layer of the uterine wall). The condition puts her at high risk during her pregnancy.

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  • True Colors

    Who cares

  • True Colors

    Wow, Beyonce just had her twins and now kimye are using a surrogate to have. Baby #3, yall are such a joke. And you have the nerve to wonder why Jay and Bey don’t want to be bothered with yall. yall are so funny.

  • Cyn

    She is so vain…I.had the same medical issue…TWICE…she will be fine. She better hope rhat lady doesn’t keep their baby!!