J.Lo Serves Butt Crack Envy In New A-Rod Shoot! [Photos]

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J.Lo Serves Butt Crack Envy In New A-Rod Shoot!

J.Lo Serves Butt Crack Envy In New A-Rod Shoot!

J-Rod’s latest shoot is haute! Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez have snagged the latest cover of Vanity Fair. The shoot was shot by Mario Testino and styled by Jessica Diehl. Check out the flix!

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  • Kim DEe

    OK.. I like JLO but Someone should’ve let her know that her “ASS” is old news and no one cares. So many many new big booty girls have come out and kind of ended her..sooo yea

    • Kay

      Who ended JLo? The fake butts that are out here? How? Jlo is goals.

      • Kim DEe

        Actually Kim Kardashian ended her with the whole big butt thing. Go back to when Kim came on the scene, she knocked JLOs rice and beans booty right out the box… Jlo maybe natural but Kim,with her fake butt, snatched JLOs crown in the ass area. No homo. I’m not a Kim K fan and thought JLO was everything when she first came out, but her star has since dimmed. I’m sure she is goals for some but so many others have come out and crushed. Just my opinion.

        • Franchesca Jean

          I’m sorry but I would rather have the crown of greatness in music, film and LIFE than have a crown for the fattest ass. If you let someone like Kim K change your feelings about JLo then sweetie you are the one with the issues…

        • Sonia A

          FAT-ALL NATURAL Almost 50yrs old ASS!! Good genes, old fashion squats, God-given!! Kmsl :)

  • YaYa

    Jlo comes off as the type that has to always be in a relationship.

    • Kim DEe

      She can’t be alone that is why she jumps from relationship to relationship not giving herself time to heal.

      • Franchesca Jean

        This woman spent two years getting over an engagement to a loser like Ben Affleck and all y’all wanna do is hate on her cause she is looking for love.. Leave the judgment to God..

        • lilkunta

          @franchescajean:disqus she didnt spend 2 years getting over ben. she broke up with him in sept 2003, started dating marc in jan 2004 and married marc june 2004.

  • Shay

    Cuteness overload

  • brooklyn34

    Come On Now you too old for that

  • Mexoplex

    i remember when JLo didnt like to talk about her ass. Then age crept up and she said, ” I better get out here and make that money”
    Same thing with Madonna, these new chicks show up and they gots to work harder.

  • Sophia Stewart

    Beautiful couple.

  • Kim DEe

    Like I said.. I’m no Kim k fan and she did not change my opinion about JLO, however, fact are facts, Kim K with her gigantic ass came along and dimmed All the Shine that was put on JLO’s ass. #FACTS. She can now retire her ASS, sing her songs in Vegas, and go home and take care of her twins Hansel and Gretel.

  • Franchesca Jean

    No one is ending JLo my darlings.. Her ass is all natural and she is all natural. She doesn’t inject, fill or lipo. All these b***ches can learn how to be real from this one person. And she has talent… bow down.

  • Franchesca Jean

    Its sad how this woman is out there living her best life and all you simpletons are jealous and angry.. be happy with yourselves so you can actually be happy for others.. or maybe that’s not possible because you WISH you could be that woman for just ONE day…. smh. lift up and stop tearing down…

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    I LOVE Jennifer BUT that a$$ pic was unnecessary and I am very surprised she did it and allowed it to be printed

  • lilkunta

    overrated! her ass isnt even all that.
    she is desperate IMO for attn. there are constant pics of ALL her relationships.
    i guess she dontr care. ojani puffy cris ben mar casper and now alex