[EXCLUSIVE] Tyler Perry & Oprah Privately Settle Legal Battle Accusing Them of Stealing TV Show

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theJasmineBRAND.com has exclusively learned Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have privately settled a legal battle accusing them of stealing the idea behind their hit show “The Have and Have Nots”, with the lawsuit being dismissed by the writer.

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Perry & Harpo Productions were sued by a company named Parables Entertainment in federal court earlier this year. As previously reported, Vanessa Lynn – a executive who works at Parables Entertainment – claimed she wrote a screenplay titled “Affairs” years ago. The script is about a small town family which features a father running for mayor, a health challenged mother and a daughter named Peaches. The drama in the script starts when Peaches friend has an affair with the father.

Lynn explains that her script was made into a play in 2008 and eventually sold on DVD in 2011. She also stated in court docs she had her screenplay copyrighted.