Chance The Rapper Slams Will Smith’s “BRIGHT”

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Chance The Rapper Slams Will Smith's "BRIGHT"

Chance the Rapper, Will Smith

Chance The Rapper Calls Out Will Smith’s New “Bright” Movie


Chance the Rapper is not a fan of Will Smith’s new Netflix movie, “Bright”.

 Will Smith's "Bright" Makes Netflix History, Gets Sequel

Directed by David Ayer, Smith plays a cop whose partner is a mystical creature called an orc. The Chicago-bred rapper recently took to social media, criticizing the film’s depiction of racism. He specifies a scene in which his partner (the orc) is lynched, which he interprets as a metaphor for racism.

See his tweets below, along with some of his exchanges with some of his fans.

Chance The Rapper Slams Will Smith's "BRIGHT"

Do you agree or disagree with Chance’s comments about ‘Bright’? 

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    Maybe I need to go re-watch the movie and give it my full attention to make a connection to what he is saying and do some additional research…but sometimes, I really think people be looking to hard into things and making correlations that aren’t meant to be made. I enjoyed watching the movie and after I seen something saying the Orcs were black people and the cops were cops and so on and so forth. But if the 2,000 years ago, the orcs followed the “Dark Lord” and tried to wipe out humanity, and humans have hated them ever since, how are the Orcs black people b/c we have never done tried to wipe out anyone, not to mention, they reminded me more of a Mexican gang than a black one. And who did the Mexicans represent in the movie? And the humans? And the elves….are they the white people who are doing the oppressing? It’s so much reaching that I can’t even began to understand or connect what he is saying. And like I said in the beginning, maybe I need to go rewatch it ¯(°_o)/¯ I saw more of a correlation of racism in Planet of the Apes. And it I wanted dialogue, I would talk about the movie DETROIT, which was a great depiction of what it appears Chance wants to be represented, especially since he does not like allegorical racism.

  • Camden

    I think the movie’s point IS to make ones uncomfortable so a real conversation and dialogue can take place!

  • Coco Mcluvin

    UPDATE-I recently watched WARCRAFT. Bright seems to be a follow up to that movie. Because in WARCRAFT an ORC was consumed by a dark lord or magic call The Fel or fel magic and was going to destroy the human world and use their life force to feed the Fel. At the end of the movie, a war was fought and the humans, high elves and dwarves, proclaim an alliance against the orcs. In my opinion, it’s still not as deep as people are making it out to be.