Marlon Wayans' is Hilarious

I must admit, I never appreciated the Wayan’s family humor until I started following Marlon Wayans’ twitter page. He has thee funniest tweets (him and Kevin Hart). See his tweets below; I won’t put them in context for you bc they’re funnier w/out it. (Warning: Language not safe for work or Christian eyes!)

@MissTiffyTiff I’d tattoo a sign over my dick bigger than nick’s mariah tattoo that said THIs DICK FUCKED HALLE ;) I’d be so not subtle about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to MissTiffyTiff

Bernad look like a damn corpse. Like the day u view a body. 7:54 PM Apr 3rd via UberTwitter

Damn even their groupies are old. Who the 3 old fat aunties in the ring wearing red 7:35 PM Apr 3rd via UberTwitter

Test drove a BMWLI but the dude’s breath so stink I’m gonna test drive a Mercedes at top speed 2 get the funk out my nose 2:23 PM Apr 3rd via UberTwitter

@RealTalibKweli I couldn’t get high with @billmaher he’d start talkin politics and fuck up my high 5:48 PM Mar 31st via UberTwitter in reply to RealTalibKweli

@OfficialWSmith nigga u so aint will 1:45 AM Mar 31st via UberTwitter in reply to OfficialWSmith

On another note, comedian Kevin Hart just tweeted: I just took a shit with sun glasses on, who in the hell do I think I am???? That’s the most hollywood thing that I have ever done lol 1 minute ago via UberTwitter

Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.