It’s Officially Over…Nas & Kelis Divorce Final

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TMZ, obtained legal documents confirming that as of last Friday, Nas & Kelis’ marriage had been terminated. Nas and Kelis have a son together.

Kelis filed for divorce April 2009 and just last month, the court ordered Nas to pay around $10k in spousal support, until he pays what he already owes in back pay (in child support AND spousal support). He allegedly owes Kelis almost $300k. According to Nas, he can’t afford it. See Nas’ interview where he discusses his son.

(((I’m far from a romantic, but I really adored this couple…Adore maybe inaccurate. I thought they were fly, stylish & i LOVED seeing them out in public together. I considered them, the anti-Jay’once couple.)))