Introducing Basketball Wives’ Newest Cast Member, “I Bring the Drama!”

I posted this photo last week, of the cast of Basketball Wives, in Madrid. We heard rumors a few months ago from our production friend, and then noted someone new in the photo. The newbie is sitting to the left of Shaunie.

Exactly who is this new member?

Her name is Tami Roman and she was on MTV’s “The Real World Los Angeles” back in 93.

Last month, the Miami Herald reported that Tami, along with a camera crew, were spotted at a dermatologist where she was scheduled to get a tattoo removed. A tattoo of what or whom you might ask?

Tami was once married to NBA player, Kenny Anderson, so we’re assuming something referring to dude was being removed.

Earlier this week, she was twitter beefin’ with some folks, but it’s old news so we won’t get into that. But she was quoted as telling Necole Bitchie via twitter that, “I’m on most of season 2- I aint gonna lie- I bring drama-I’m still me-good bad or indifferent-i aint a fake ass bitch…”

I’m just going to go ahead and predict that Tami will be the new cast mate that everyone loves to hate…oh and Gloria if we ever see her again. (…yosh, get ready!!!)