Usher – All STD Claims Against Singer Will Be Tried in Los Angeles


Usher – All STD Claims Against Singer Will be Tried in Los Angeles

New developments have arisen in Usher’s herpes lawsuit. Judge Michelle Williams Court motioned last Friday to have all three plaintiffs heard in a Los Angeles Superior Court; while denying Usher’s motion to have one of the cases moved to a different state. She says since Usher has a home in California, he is subjected to having the plaintiff’s claims heard against him in California.

In March, theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported Usher and his lawyers requested for the case – involving Jane Doe – to be dismissed or moved to another state based on allegations she made in her lawsuit. Noting that the alleged events involving her exposure to the herpes virus happened in another state. Citing,

California has no interest in this dispute whatsoever.

Jivaka Candappa, Jane Doe’s lawyer, argued it would be more practical to have the three claims heard at once. He confirmed Jane Doe, along with her witnesses, are ready to make a trip to California to testify
in front of Usher’s lawyers. Although Court denied Usher’s motion, she might change her mind under the constituents Usher’s team can demonstrate why it would be detrimental to Usher to have Jane Doe’s
claim tried in a Los Angeles court.

All three plaintiffs are suing Usher for sexual battery, fraud, negligence and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Usher is being sued by two women and a man. Jane Doe and John Doe’s name have been redacted from court documents due to their secrecy in identity. Quantasia Sharpton is the only one in the lawsuit who has come forward about her involvements with the R&B singer.

By: CaDarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams