Jawn Murray’s Tweets Defend Tyler Perry, Piss Women Off

I’m a little late because I don’t follow dude, but entertainment journalist, Jawn Murray, has pissed a few folks off with some recent twitter comments. Jawn should know that most women of color don’t like their hair being referred to as ‘nappy.’ Joke or not. Especially when his hair may fit the description.

In response to some people questioning Tyler Perry’s recent work on For Colored Girls Only, he tweeted, “All those militant-nappy headed #AngryBlackWoman who didn’t think @tylerperry was worthy of #ForColoredGirls can #KickRocks”

If that wasn’t enough, he came back and tweeted,“So a few militant-nappy headed #AngryyBlackWOmen are mad I used “nappy-headed’ earlier. Do me a favor = Get A LIFE & Get a PERM! How’s That?”

After offending a few people with his tweets, he took to twitter and the Tom Joyner Morning show (where he reports weekly) to apoligize.

#FromTheHeartThanks people. Really mean that! Your support has been overwhelming! God is great & He’ll restore my good name. I believe GOD! FYI I’m gonna be chillin for a while. Honestly, I’m kinda tired of all this. Need a break. I’m a good man, but not Superman! #Drained

(Dear Jawn, aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black? You dish dirt; how can you nottake it? Lastly, I love God too, but it kills me how people pull the Jesus card when convenient. Everything doesn’t call for a scripture. If it did, you shoulda thrown a scripture in the tweet where you told women to get a perm. If it’s a joke–let’s keep it that way and not get all  holy and sensitive.)