Girl-Fight!! Keri Hilson vs. Ciara + Keri Clarifies Beef with Ciara

A potential beef started yesterday between R&B girls, Ciara and Keri Hilson. It began when Keri Hilson, in full promotion mode for No Boys Allowed, did an interview with Power 105.1 (also called The Breakfast Club–the show is relatively new with radio personalities, Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.)

(Backstory: Ciara’s latest (4th) album, Basic Instinct, only sold 31k (roughly between 35-40k) albums its first week out. Ciara has been quoted in the media as defending her poor album sales with explaining, “Selling records are becoming smaller fraction of branding and building a long-lasting career. You can sell a lot of records, but can you tour. You can sell records, but where does it go beyond that? That’s a part of building a brand for yourself.” )

Keri & Ciara in 2008

Fast forward to the present day, while Keri was on the show, they discussed album sales and Ciara’s album struggling album sales came up. Keri responded, “I would like to [sell] higher than 35k – I mean anyone would. I saw a quote where [Ciara] said it’s not all about the numbers and I’m not really a chart reader. I don’t look at charts. It’s probably what she honestly feels.”

Apparently, this sounded like a jab towards Ciara who decided to respond on twitter, “Hear that a newcomer to power 105.1 morning show is really into talking about me! I love it! Keep promoting me! Glad 2 know i mean that much.”

After the Keri/Ciara beef rumor started to spread (and maybe perhaps after Keri saw Ciara’s tweet), Keri decided to take to twitter too: “Check this out, I support ALL of my fellow artists & want them ALL to be successful. Stop trying 2 put us against each other!! I have love for Ciara, Diddy Dirty Money, Tank, Keyshia, Jamie Foxx…all of us are workin our asses off 2 create great music for the fans! …and @cthagod keep me out of ur bullshit. I understand wanting ratings 4 ur show but don’t try to create drama at my expense. Not cool.”

Honestly, I listened to Keri’s interview and the quote reads way worse than it sounded. Cool that Keri attempted to dead it.