[Stylin’-On-You-Hoes] Beyonce’s Stylist Ty Hunter, Talks: Bey’s BET Dress, Coordinating With Jay-Z + Blue Ivy’s Style

The brains behind some of Beyonce’s most admirable red carpet looks, Ty Hunter, dishes on dressing Bey for over 15 years. Peep a few excerpts.

On what it’s like working for Beyonce:

“I’ve been working with her now for about 16 years…it’s just family, like playing dress up with your sister at this point.  We have meetings, if she has a vision it’s up to us to bring it to life.”

On if he ever gets an opportunity to style Jay-Z:

“He has an amazing stylist June Ambrose, my girl. She takes care of that.”

On if he and June Ambrose ever coordinate what they pull for Jay-Z and Beyonce:

“Yeah like all the time…I’m like ‘June, what is he wearing?’ and she’s like ‘what is she wearing?’…it’s been years of that.”

On Beyonce’s BET Awards dress:

“Stephone Roland, he’s an amazing designer….day of the show we had a fitting, it just worked out so right. That’s the first dress I wanted her to wear in the first place. It was a show stopper; I was really excited for the choice that was made.”

On if their daughter, Blue Ivy, has style:

“I don’t talk about Baby Blue…but she does have style.  That’s my baby.”

Watch the full video interview here [2:13 mark].

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