Paul Wall & Baby Bash Arrested For Marijuana Possession

On Saturday (September 10th) rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash had an encounter with the law. At around 1:30 in the morning, El Paso Texas cops arrested them on charges of marijuana possession. Apparently the two had less than 2oz. of marijuana in their vehicle. They were released the next afternoon around 1:30pm, after their $300 bail was paid. And guess what they did when they got home. Tweeted, of course. Both men had a few words to say to the public about their situation. Paul Wall said:

Baby Bash tweeted:

Twitter’s capacity is too short for what Baby Bash had to say so his tweet continued on to a separate page. The rest of his rant read:

“Ain’t 2much worse than a ” HOE ASS PUNK EL PASO COP that abuses his authority,jus cuz me and Paul wall are artists! Only GEEKS and fools who don’t have any spine abuses AUthority! But I’m back in the FLESH feelin so FRESH, out the tank mang! Lol.”

His second tweet read:

He continued:

“I’m not here to diss ALL police, they have a tuff gig and I respect that! BUT u have the ONE or TWO that will disrespect & abuse the power cuz maybe they got picked on in high school alot and now have a chip on they’re shoulder, and that’s exactly wut happened to Us, all we did was SMELL like weed and wen he couldn’t find it and we didn’t snitch on who sparked it he got overdramatic and took us in! He found out who we were and really got big shot on us! Haha even his partner said he’s a dick.”

Somehow Paul Wall and Baby Bash were able to snap a few pictures of themselves in the back seat of the police car (How do you do that with handcuffs on?). They posted their pics on twitter too.

Source: E!Online

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