Kanye West Fan Goes Too Far With A** Tatt + Renames Herself “Kanyeresa West”

I apologize in advance if you’re reading drinking your coffee… but think how I feel. For years, fans have been getting the names and pictures of their favorite artists tattooed on them. We’ve seen face, chest, stomach, arm and even bottom lip tattoos. Back in December, a picture hit the web of a die hard fan with “Drake” tatted against her forehead.

We thought that was overboard, but Chicago native Miss Lindaresa has managed to top that. Not only does she have “Kanye” tatted across her backside and on her arm, but she also legally changed her name to Kanyeresa West in April 2011 and has her own website. She however likes to be called, “Mrs. Kanye West” and is currently working on some books, music and films to impress her man… well imaginary man. The ass tattoo is going to be the cover of her book. Yikes! She also says,

“Until he say, ‘You’re crazy,’ or until he gets married, I’m gonna keep on going.”

Well Kanye is as unconventional as they come, so no one can really predict what his reaction is going to be if he ever does respond to this fan frenzy. Peep the interview of Mrs. Kanye West: