Brandy Refuses To Share Whitney Houston’s Final Note to Her

This year has probably been singer Brandy Norwood’s worst birthday, as she received the news of the death of her idol and friend Whitney Houston on the very same day. A few days before her death, Whitney gracefully crashed an E! interview with Brandy, Monica and Clive Davis. And in the video footage below at 0:08, watch as she slips Brandy a note.

It’s no surprise that we are all curious as to what the note contains, however Brandy is remaining mum on what Whitney’s note actually said. In another E! interview she said, “I’m gonna just not say what it was and keep it to myself for my own personal reasons.” The 33-year-old got very emotional in the interview as she chocked up saying, “she’s the reason why, it’s crazy… it’s so crazy.”

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[Young Hollywood]

– @Ayo_Leslo