Tyler Perry Says Kim Kardashian Can Actually Act, “People will be pleasantly surprised.”

It looks like Kim Kardashian can do it all — reality TV, fashion, show cameos, clothing, perfume, and now it looks like she’s added actress to her resume. Last year, it was revealed that Kardashian, 31, will be part of the cast on Tyler Perry’s upcoming movie The Marriage Counselor. However, the news wasn’t received well by the public. A petition was started to end her career, and comments were left on Perry’s “Talk To Me,” website page saying that they refuse to support him if Kardashian is included on the upcoming film. There was even a facebook page set up, one titled “Boycott the Kardashians,” which currently has over 50,000 likes. Perry heard of the backlash a few days letter and penned an open letter supporting his decision. And months later, Perry is still standing by his decision to cast Kardashian. In an interview with E! he expressed his belief that Kardashian could someday become a movie star, saying,

“I think once people see the job that she did, they’ll know that’s very much possible… Kim did a great job. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised. I think that all of the heartache that I went through with the fans, I think they’re going to understand once they see it… Kim Kardashian in a movie called the Marriage Counselor going through what she was going through. I mean, what else can you ask for.”

The movie which also stars Lance Gross, Brandy Norwood and Vanessa Williams is set for release later this year.

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