Elise Neal Dishes On :: New Projects, If Vanessa Should Reconcile w/ Kobe & the Media’s Portrayal of Whitney Houston

Recently, we caught up with actress Elise Neal at the NAACP Image Awards and chatted about Rihanna’s inspiring fashion style, upcoming projects,  Whitney Houston‘s legacy and whether or not Vanessa should take her estranged husband, Kobe Bryant, back.

On what inspired her look for the night:

“I was definitely trying to channel Rihanna’s look from the Grammy’s.  That was my inspiration for this outfit… Honestly, you have to go with what you feel. Like I felt like doing that [Rihanna look] tonight. I’m one of those girly girls who likes a theme, so that was my theme. If you like throwing on jeans, put the jeans on.  Don’t try to do something you’re not comfortable with.  Go with the feel.”

On upcoming projects:

“What’s crazy is our premier for ‘The Undershepherd” [at the Pan-African Film Festival] is right now! But I had to choose and I chose [to come here, instead, for] my nomination.  I’m nominated for ‘Ant Farm,’ and I feel great about it.  It’s my first time being in that genre and we’re nominated for best childrens program, I think, partly because of me.  So, of course I have ‘The Undershepherd’ coming out.  But I wrote my own screenplay, called ‘Timeless.’ I’ve been shopping it around, we’re very close to a deal.  I’ll be shooting it in Memphis, Tennessee, hopefully by the summer.

On Kobe Bryant and Vanessa potentially reconciling:

“I’m a love girl.  I’m all about love.  If that’s the way [Kobe and Vanessa’s] love works, that’s the way their love works. I’m not [one of those people who always has to be in a relationship].  I think it’s better if people could just relax and wait for the right person that’s at that time. And it doesn’t mean that’s your last person, your last relationship. Deal with what’s going on with you and meet that person. Hang with that person that’s cool for right now, as opposed to trying to force a relationship. I’m not one of those people.”

On Whitney Houston’s legacy and how the media has portrayed the situation:

“You know, I don’t want to say a lot about it because honestly, I feel like a lot of people are talking about it who have no business talking about it, and that would include me.  I just want her to rest in peace. I hope it’s a beautiful funeral and that’s all I really have to say.”

Peep the full interview here:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10bgSjZQskk&context=C3301096ADOEgsToPDskKISgWPlNjW64rwnn36qo5Z[/youtube]