Drake & The Game Donate Over $20k To Woman Who Lost Entire Family In Trailer Park Fire

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There seems to be a positive trend in the celebrity arena, pulling at our heart strings these days. Artists have been donating money to families in need after tragedy strikes. Last week, artists like The Game, Ray J and Snoop Lion donated funds to help bury a 6-year-old name Tiana Ricks, who was killed by a stray bullet in California. And this week, both Drake and The Game have come to the aid of another family in desperate need. Tuesday afternoon, Drake wrote on Instagram:

Myself and @thedocumentary are donating a total of $22,500 to Ana Angel .. who lost her boyfriend & their 5 children in a house fire on behalf of@therobinhoodproject #therobinhoodproject .. What@thedocumentary is doing will never be forgotten. Honored to be able to help people along side my brother.

According to the Associated Press, a fire ripped through an Ohio mobile home killing a man and five young children just a few hours after the children’s mother left to work an early morning shift at a fast-food restaurant. Anna Angel lived in the home with her five children, ages 2 to 6, and her boyfriend. Owanna Ortiz, the woman’s cousin explained:

She had a whole family and now she has nothing. Her kids were her life.

The fire that broke out Sunday morning left neighbors stunned in the mobile home park in Tiffin, about 50 miles southeast of Toledo. Firefighters got all six people out in about 12 minutes, but they were pronounced dead at a hospital, Tiffin Fire Chief William Ennis Jr. said. A funeral home handling the arrangements for the children identified them Monday as Tiara Angel, 6; Stormie Huey, 5; Trinity Huey, 4; Sunshine Huey, 3; and Domonic Fresch, 2. The family didn’t have a car and had to get around on bicycles, Ortiz said. She explained:

If she had to get somewhere, they had two strollers they had to take, but they made it work.

Angel was at work when she was told there was a fire at home, Ortiz said. Police and a neighbor said Angel raced home on her bicycle. No additional information has yet been released. Follow The Game’s Robin Hood Project on Instagram.  [Instagram, Associated Press]