Ne-Yo Shares Talks Tank Performing at D.C. Pride, Naked Picture & Trump


After taking a break for about two years, the iconic singer is back with new music and working on a new album entitled “Good Man.” Ne-Yo hasn’t been off the scene entirely, as he’s enjoyed being a judge on NBC’s World of Dance, a new dance competition show executive produced by Jennifer Lopez.

During a recent interview, the R&B star touched on a variety of subjects, from his thoughts on Tank performing at DC Pride, last year’s statements he made about performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration, working with Mary J. Blige, and a lot more. And he had to set the record straight after an explicit picture appeared on the web of him playing video games naked! Check out a few excerpts below.


#Neyo’s wife @itscrystalsmith secretly snaps a pic of her hubby ?

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On the picture of him playing video games naked:

I was naked. I was in Hawaii on vacation and I was comfortable. It was PlayStation [the gaming system in pic] and Street Fighter [game being played]. My wife play too much. She took that picture, and I didn’t know she would actually post the picture.

On his new song:

“Another Love Song” is the name of the new song. I’m happy and very much so [in love with wife]. All the music on this album isn’t gonna be happy because I didn’t write just completely about myself. I felt like if I just write it about me, how can it be relatable to anybody else. I’m definitely happy, I am in a great place. But I know everybody isn’t. I’ll write your break-up song, I’m gonna write the song that helps you get thru this, and get thru that.

On naming album “Good Man”:

I’m calling it that because it’s what every woman wants, and what every man should strive to be. The thing about it is, you are not born a “good man”,  you kind of have to go thru some stuff to become a good man.

On writing for Mary J. Blige:

I love writing for Mary. Every time I write for Mary, it winds up being a therapy session for both of us. Like, we’ll sit and talk about some stuff, and cry if we need to.

On last year’s controversy surrounding his statements about performing at Trump’s inauguration:

No, I don’t regret saying that because if you watch the while tape you’d realize that I was absolutely joking. I would never perform at a Trump inauguration. I wouldn’t perform at a Trump ‘anything’, don’t even say Trump at the show, I just might stop singing. I’m just not a fan of Donald Trump, I don’t support him, I never have, I never will.

On Tank performing at D.C. Pride event:

Here’s how I handle that situation. I say, love who you wanna love. Everybody can do the hell what they wanna do. Would I perform at DC Pride? Sure, if they wanted me to come perform, I would perform, because I have nothing against gay people, I have nothing against the community.

On NBC’s World of Dance show:

The grand prize is a million dollars. Now if I’m responsible for giving somebody a million dollars, I’m gonna make sure it goes to the best person. I didn’t take the job to be friendly. Mind you, I am not a jerk, but at the same time, I’m gonna let it be known if I’m impressed, or if I’m not impressed.

Watch the full interview below.

By: @Ike_Morgan

Authored by: Kellie Williams