Dawn Richard Explains Why Diddy “Was Done” + Why She & Que Broke-Up

Dawn Richard, formerly of Danity Kane and Diddy’s Dirty Money, swung past The Breakfast Club to update fans on being a solo artist for the first time, leaving Diddy, her relationship with Q (formerly of Day 26) and whether she thinks she’s better than Cassie. Peep a few excerpts:

On why Diddy ended Dirty Money:

Puff was done. He decided that he was done. Puff has a lot of ventures going on. I had faith in him because I know he has a mutual respect. I’m clear. He let me go… I don’t have time to wait for people to want to rock with me.

On if there was any love loss, when she and Diddy split:

It’s done, but it’s a good done. When somebody let you out, you gotta go. After two groups, it gets old… when you really wanna be an artist.

On how she felt in Dirty Money, when the shine was always on Diddy:

It didn’t upset me because I was getting a check. It was a chess board. Either way it was dope. It was innovative. We were cool. We were like three business partners. We were being respected.

On her relationship with Q (formerly of Day 26):

We are not together. We were together 5 1/2 years. We’re just not together anymore. I’m a good woman. You just hafta make sure you get respected the right way. It’s a lot. I don’t ever wanna put nobody in a bad spot.

On if he cheated on her:

No, it’s cool. I don’t even… It’s moving on. I don’t wanna talk about it… It was real, I feel for somebody… I didn’t even want to… It was genuine. I address my relationship with the music industry with the EP.

On if she’s dating anyone:

I’m dating, but right now I don’t have time to do nothing.

On if she feels like she’s better (musically) than Cassie:

No. Cassie isn’t Interscope. There’s a roster of people. It’s 13 girls on Interscope and they’re all waiting.

Watch the full interview: