Thug Life :: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Run After Scuffle With Photog

Over the holiday weekend, Justin Bieber was involved in a scuffle with a photog/paparazzo. On Sunday, Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were leaving a movie theater (in Calabasas, CA), attempting to get into their car, when a photog attempted to take Justin’s photo. At this point, the details are vague, but we hear some type of altercation happened between Bieber and the photog.

Witnesses say that the photog was blocking Bieber’s car, preventing him from leaving. Bieb’s got out the car, asking the photog to move and when he didn’t, some sorta scuffle happened. The photog called 911, Justin and Selena Gomez left the scene and an ambulance arrived to examine the photographer (he complained of pain in his upper torso). Cops are still investigating. No word from Bieber’s camp, but early Monday morning, he did tweet:

P.S. Why was Bieber’s shoe off though?

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