Dream Hampton Returns to Twitter, Addresses Jay-Z Plagiarizing Decoded

Last month, writer/hip-hop journalist Dream Hampton quit twitter. She decided to call it quits with the social media site, after she posted a photo that she had snapped of her daughter Nina and Beyonce backstage at her Revel concert. A Beyonce fan found the photo, tweeted it and made negative comment about Nina’s appearance. That photo and tweet, began spiraling when other Beyonce fans and stans commented on how unattractive Dream’s daughter was, one even calling her ugly. After the incident grew virtual legs, Dream announced that she no longer wanted to subject herself or her daughter to Twitter. Fast forward to Sunday evening, and Dream momentarily decided to return to Twitter to address the controversy surrounding rumors that Jay-Z plagiarized his memoir, Decoded. Last week, we learned that a man named Patrick White claimed portions of ‘Decoded’ were stolen from him in 2009. But according to Dream’s tweets, the story is entirely false. She wrote:

“Proof” from the guys suing me and Jay for plagiarizing Decoded. Amazing. More amazing are the asses who made this a real story. Thanks for gvng an unwell stalker more attention than they’ve ever had in their lives…..smaller circles. stay safe. It’s actually mid morning in London and I’m signing off again…xoxo Much as I miss this space s’times I like my peace more love

No word on if Dream will stick around on Twitter to continue to defend Decoded allegations.