NeNe Leakes Denies Fighting Kandi, Says She Wasn’t Fired from RHOA

There is a story circulating that Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes has been fired from the show, because of a physical altercation. The Global Christian Post says that RHOA

“reportedly has a zero tolerance policy for violence against crew or staff members, and because Leakes is allegedly in breach of her contract over the incident, she may ultimately be let go.”

The New York Daily News also reported on the alleged incident, saying that the fight happened between NeNe and her cast-mate, Kandi. They also claim that on the upcoming season, viewers will see that the two

“get into a fight with production…It’s really bad”

[Am i the only one confused?] Meanwhile, NeNe disputes these claims, responding on twitter:

The rumors of me being involved n a physical altercation or possibly being fired from the housewives is NOT TRUE…Defaming a persons character is what some people do best! I hav never had a physical altercation on our show…I hav so many positive things 2 look forward 2 & i’am n such a great place right now business & personal…

Do you believe that NeNe and Kandi got into a fight? Or did the media get the story wrong?