Publisher Sues Toya Wright for $1 Million + Toya Responds, Calls Accuser Broke

Toya Wright (the ex-wife of Lil Wayne and wife of Memphitz) is being hit with a lawsuit, by a 27-year-old male publisher by the name of Farrah Gray. According to The YBF,  Farrah’s hitting Toya with a $1 million lawsuit, alleging that Toya failed to properly promote her book “Priceless Inspirations”, which he published. Toya responded to Farrah’s allegation on twitter, pulling a ‘Jesus Card’ and disputing his claims. She wrote:

please beware of who u do business with….not everybody is happy for your success. ?#thedevilisaliar? you must really be BROKE….. u trying to sue me for 1 million dollars. for whAt??? give me 1 good reason. Another lawsuit from Farrah Grey….. It can’t be the authors. U need to take a look at yourself. ?#Getittogether? how are you gonna sue me when you owe me money??????#wheretheydothatat? let me remind you Farrah Grey……are you forgetting that “Priceless Inspirations” was your 1st and only NY times bestseller. ?#imjustsayin? im so sorry tweethearts….but i refuse to let anyone lie on me. i did all i can do to sell my book and promote it. so all of this is BS!

Meanwhile, Sandra Rose posted a story about Farrah, alleging that another author had a negative experience working with him. Farrah has yet to respond to Toya’s tweets.