[WATCH] Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo Bring Shade & Claws to Arsenio Hall

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It was round two in the reality realm, last night on the Arsenio Hall show. 1/2 half of the Basketball Wives LA cast including Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell who showed up for the late night show. As expected, the cast barked back at their casting counter parts. Last week, the other ladies, Jackie Christie, Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams made did an appearance on the show and had  some nice so nice words, starting a TV feud. Peep what they had to say below.

Why they didn’t appear on the show with the other cast mates: 

Malaysia: They wanted to save the best for last.

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On being the voice of reason for the show:  

Malaysia: I can be a gift or I can be a curse and its a matter of who you want me to be at that time. So if you want me to be your gift, I can definitely be the nicest woman on the planet but if you want me to be your curse then I can definitely be the meanest woman on the planet.

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On the new cast mates: 

Draya: What you have to understand is, we don’t know these girls. Like real life we don’t know these women. They have so much to say about us and its overbearing because for these people to come and do television shows and do interviews and they just discuss us in a  negative way, its shocking.

It’s a big shady tree that we all fit under and we all can’t fit. So we just try to do our own thing over here and we try to let them do there own thing over there. Like they are friends of who they are friends with and they gotta deal with that on their own…I’m friends with Malayasia and also Brandi but who they are friends with is not something to brag about.

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The fight between Brandi and Brittish: 

Brandi: She was trying to imply that this was her rooftop and her thing and I was like, ‘chile this not yours.’

Draya: Anybody can rent this for $450 an hour. I can rent this and I don’t live here.

Malaysia: It was hot as hell anyway, so we didn’t want to be there anyway. With those little bitty fake laliques, girl bye.

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The ladies digging up Draya’s past: 

Draya: I’ve laid at lot of things to rest and I would like to be appreciated for my growth and not things that I’ve done that I can’t really change that strangers are bringing up…I’ve grown on TV and I’ve been on the show for three years. The people that followed me and watched me they grew up as well. They’re three years older also so there’s a different Draya now and the viewers are different.

Draya’s relationship with NFL baller Orlando Scandrick:

My relationship is good we’re celebrating an anniversary, one year. We made it…He in a joking way said, ‘You know what? We’re not doing this anymore. It’s set up for you to be sabotaged and God has a different plan for us and me and my relationship and me and my family.’

On the other ladies businesses: 

Draya: We’re real businesswomen, we have real businesses that we run, not businesses that we made up for the show .

Eek. Catch the clip.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta