Gabby Douglas Explains Bad Hair Day, ‘This is NOT a Beauty Pageant!’

Because apparently, this isn’t going anywhere, the comments about Olympic Gold winner, Gabby Douglas, continue. In a recent interview, she explains why she thinks comments about her hair are ‘disrespectful’ and why keeping her in fact is the least of her worries:

“They have no idea what they’re talking about. You sweat and all the gel and hairspray comes out. Even if we did fix our hair, our coach would be like, ‘This is not a beauty pageant! Leave it alone.’ There’s no bathroom. We rotate from event to event so there’s no time for them to say ‘Representing the USA, Gabrielle Douglas’ and me to say ‘Yeah, thanks!’ as I’m brushing my hair. It’s like, come on.”

Gabby continued:

“It’s so disrespectful! I’m not thinking about that. I’m thinking about bringing a gold medal home. I use great Pantene products in my hair. They make my hair silky, shiny and healthy.”


[Hollywood Gossip]