[Updated] Fire Breaks Out Again At Tyler Perry’s Studio

For the second time this year, Tyler Perry’s studios, located in southeast Atlanta, caught on fire late Friday morning. According to Freddy-O, firefighters are currently at his studio (which is on Continental Colony Parkway). AJC confirms that police dispatchers reported that the roof of the building at the complex was on fire, with two dozen firefighters on the roof, but no smoke showing. This is alarming news, as the last fire happened in May of earlier this year.


Atlanta Fire Department spokeswoman Marian McDaniel said the latest blaze was confined to a roof of a building at the complex. The building was undergoing repairs to the roof when the fire broke out. The building did not sustain any structural damage and no injuries were reported. It was brought under control in less than an hour.

At this point, no official police report or statement has yet been released from Tyler’s camp. Stay tuned!