Emily B Left Love & Hip Hop Because She Was Tired Of Talking About Fabolous

After the last season of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” (New York) ended, we learned that two cast members had decided to exit stage left. Break-out star Chrissy Lampkin, the girlfriend of Jim Jones, along with Emily B (the girlfriend of rapper Fabolous), had decided that they would no longer return to Mona Scott-Young’s executive produced show. Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that Chrissy and Jimmy had landed their own spin-off ‘Chrissy and Mr. Jones’. After peeping the teaser, we learned that Chrissy’s friend and former cast-mate, Emily B, would be joining her for a few appearances on the spin-off. And while we know that Chrissy left LHHNY because of her conflict with Mona, viewers and fans weren’t too sure why Emily had decided to leave. But thanks to twitter, we know why. She directly explained why she decided to appear on Chrissy’s show and why she left LHHNY, writing:

People keep asking why I’m on that show… Umm cuz that’s my friend. My role on the show is strictly about our friendship not FAB!! Don’t nobody wanna do another season of me talking about Fab.. As much as I love him that story line is tired. Sorry lol *yawns*

Do you think Emily B’s to Chrissy’s show is a good look for her? And will viewers grow bored w/out her struggling relationship issues with Fab? Better yet, can LHHNY survive without Chrissy and Emily B?