Behind-The-Scenes Tension Continues With ‘R&B Divas’ Nicci Gilbert & Show’s Producer

While TV One’s popular reality show, ‘R&B Divas’ continues, apparently drama behind-the-scenes does as well. Last week, we shared a story suggesting that one of the cast members, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels (formerly of Brownstone) was being fired and would not be featured on season two of the show. According to the rumor, there was buzz that she may be replaced by Kelly Price. That rumor has adamantly denied by Nicci’s camp. Fast forward to the present day, and Monday evening an intense episode aired, with a bit of emotional drama involving Nicci.

What happened? In a scene where all five women are gathered at Faith Evans’ apartment for drinks and massages, KeKe Wyatt reveals that she’s going to have some follow-up sessions with her psychologist to work through her life issues.  During the scene, Nicci gets upset and declares that the conversation was inappropriate to have over drinks and yells are her fellow cast mates, Monifah and Syleena Johnson. Now, while this was airing, twitter exchanges between Nicci, her publicist (J. Charles) and the show’s executive producer (Phil Thornton) ensued. In short, Nicci’s publicist suggested that editing had a lot to do with why the scene happened that way, while the show’s producer quickly replied that they only use what the talent provides–even threatened to release ‘raw footage’ from the episode. Nicci also chimed in. Peep their twitter exchange below.