Julissa Bermudez’s Ex-Fiance, Former NFL Baller Larry Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Not so good news for ex NFL running back Larry Johnson.According to TMZ, early Friday morning, he was arrested in Las Vegas for domestic violence. Now, before we go further, if Larry's name sounds familiar, it's because he use to be engaged to TV host/reality star Julissa Bermudez. Julissa co-stars in the Style channel's 'Empire Girls'. Julissa and Larry have been broken up for over a year now, but if you watch the show, you'll recall Julissa not being completely over Larry moving on. On that particular episode, he tells Julissa he's a better man since he's left her and Julissa was sorta kinda devestated (like, 'How come he had to be a better man AFTER we ended our relationship?'). Peep the clip:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/IHbX4AmSj8s[/youtube]

Now fast forward to the present day and this isn't Larry's first time being associated with domestic violence charges. In fact, he's been 4 other times since 2003 — each time he was accused of assaulting a woman. In 2008, he was sued for allegedly spitting on a woman in a nightclub. He paid $100k to settle that case and in 2011, LJ was sued for allegedly beating up a man in Miami Beach. Reportedly, he's still in a Vegas jail at this point. Meanwhile, we caught Julissa's response on twitter (to unfortunate news) and she seems to be doing A-Okay. Peep the exchange between her and another twitter follower:


This leads us to our question, can a man that once was abusive towards women become better and never demonstrate that behavior again? Or once a woman beater, always a woman beater?