Meek Mill & Jay Z Are Annoyed At Instagram Bullies

Jay Z, Meek Mill

Jay Z, Meek Mill

Meek Mill has had enough of Instagram Gangstas. Over the weekend, the 28-year-old rapper had a venting session of sorts, writing on the social media site just how disappointed he is in the behavior of some. Meek says that in the comment section, there’s tons of negativity, most of which comes from folk that wouldn’t particularly make these comments in person. The boyfriend of Nicki Minaj even adds that one of his mentors — Jay Z — slams places like Instagram.

He writes:

Instagram need to have a option to turn these comments off and put a end to giving the suckas and chance to speak without being present! You can put up a picture of somebody that died and they gone still talk crazy…. Street dudes on here boasting about people getting other people locked up and praising people that told and it’s being accepted..I watched people laugh about bobby shmurda losing his freedom when he was on a path of making a way for his family like its a joke … Adults talking down on kids..people Tryna make money off mentally challenged kids.. People talking down on their own people and making a living out of it….friends and family exposing each other and losing life long friendships for attention … And if you notice most of the ones talking down don’t got 500 followers… it just shows that them type of people don’t get no love in real life and will say anything for attention!


Authored by: Kellie Williams