Ovary Hustlin : The Sex of Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa’s Baby Revealed

Oh, don't act like you don't care! Hell, maybe you don't, but we do (sorta)! As you know, Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz) and his fancy fiance Amber Rose (real name Amber Levonchuck) are expecting their first child. The news was confirmed (although we were ovary hustlin prior to) during the MTV VMA's and since then, they've covered XXL magazine dishing on all things bambinos (like the fact that Amber's opted to have a natural child birth and Wiz Khalifa has left the weed alone while Amber is preggos). And while they're trying to keep the sex of their child under wraps, the news has already hit. According to reports, they're having a bouncing baby BOY! Somehow, their gift registry hit the right folk and it spread like wildfire (some of the gifts like a red convertible car seat, rubber duckies and the selected bassinet–sorta kinda suggest the bambino's sex). So, quite naturally, the next questions is, what's the little fellas name?

Anywho, we won't know 100% until Amber pushes–regardless, congrats! [Global Grind