Ear Hustlin’: Basketball Wives LA Fires Four Cast Members + Network Pissed About Gloria’s Secret Wedding

For the past two weeks, we’ve all speculated on a recent tweet from Basketball Wives LA producer, Shaunie O’Neal. After two seasons, the show has started to see a serious dip in ratings. Shaunie also made a comment on twitter, suggesting that the show (which she created) needed a serious make-over.

Recently, Laura Govan (one of the original cast members) spoke out, agreeing with Shaunie’s comments, but suggesting that people that are REAL housewives be kept on board. Fast forward to the present day, TMZ has shared a rumor suggesting that the network has plans to fire four of it’s cast members.

So who got the boot? Reportedly, Gloria and Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey. The only two remaining cast members will be Jackie Christie and Draya Michelle. So what’s triggered the firings? We think the ratings have played a huge role, while rumor has it that an incident with Gloria triggered it. Allegedly, Gloria would not let the producers film the wedding to her NBA baller husband, Matt Barnes. Apparently, she wanted their wedding to be private and not aired on the show. You’ll recall that her ceremony was UBER hush-hush. In fact, the show didn’t know that they were jumping the broom, and found out like the rest of us (via the internet). What’s more? The four that are allegedly being fired, haven’t been officially told yet, which is pretty common practice. After the news hit, most of the cast had very little to say about the rumor EXCEPT Draya, who subliminally tweeted:

What do we think? The crew hasn’t even filmed the reunion show yet, but it’s obvious that there will be some firings. As to who, we do think it’s highly likely that those cuts may very well be executed. Draya and Jackie Christie do seem to be the two popular cast members (especially since these two can’t seem to get along), so keeping them makes marketing sense. Anywho, only time will tell. What do you think about the rumored firings? Spot-on, or should they scrap the entire cast and start fresh? P.S. Ain’t it sorta-kinda effed up when the world finds out you’re fired, before you? #Ouch.