Evelyn Lozada Wants to Move On, Will Allow ‘No Contact’ Order on Ochocinco Expire

Besides a few subliminal tweets here and there, the media fuss surrounding our former-favorite reality TV marriage (Evelyn Lozada and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson) has been pretty low-key. In fact, it appears that the two have almost completely moved on. To date, Ocho is successfully on track to finish his domestic battery class early. Since their domestic violence incident, Ocho has had a no-contact order against him. According to TMZ, after he finishes his battery class, Evelyn will allow the no-contact order to expire. Why, you ask? Not in hopes of reuniting (although stranger things have happened), but to ‘move on’. We hear that Evelyn wants to move on from this situation and put the whole ordeal behind her. And in non-ex-married-folk news, Evelyn and Teresa Coldwell (rapper/BET host Bow Wow’s mother) are planning to launch their clothing line in 2013. The line will include tops, dresses and sweatsuits, all at a reasonable price point.