Hair Hustle: Actress Elise Neal Launches ‘HOLLYWOOD BELLE COLLECTION’

Actress Elise Neal has joined forces with ‘California Lace Wigs and Weave’ to launch a new hair line called the “HOLLYWOOD BELLE COLLECTION”. Over the weekend, we caught up with her at the official launch event for the line (BTW, we spotted Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives: LA, Denise actress Gabrielle Dennis and some other fancy folk) and chatted with her about hair, politics, love and more. Peep part 1 of our interview.

On what sets her line apart from other hair extension lines:

“I will tell you that’s really easy- you know I really did study a lot of different hairstyles I looked at a lot of celebrities.  And I’m a Southern girl and I have rocked a wig and a weave for many, many, many years.  So I’m a person who knows all about what hair quality I want, what texture do I want, the look of it.  What’s gonna make the average girl feel like they’re a Hollywood star.  So I decided that this teaming up with California Lace, Wigs, and Weaves, they had great product and then they asked me to be the spokesperson so I created this two-tone slash aubrey look, I’m actually rocking one of my weaves right now – I guess you would call it our ash, we have like a blond and we also have a deep red.   I just thought, you know, the average girl wants to look good, wants the texture to be good, doesn’t want it to “mat” on them. I know all about it. So I was very happy to create this and I basically just studied and tested out a lot of the product and this is what we came up with.  I’m very excited.  And I love it!”

On the biggest mistake that women make in maintaing their weave, wigs and hair extensions:

“I’ll say this – it’s a very different process, wearing your own hair, cause I’ve done that, too for years -and when you’re wearing a wig.  A wig honestly, you just need to wear it for a week, shampoo it, condition it, and then rock it again.  Weaves are a little different, you gotta make sure the quality is right.  You can’t wash just some basic hair and it’s going to last for as long.  So you gotta be careful.  You gotta study it and you gotta take care of it almost like it’s your hair.  You can’t think a weave is going to be any different from anything- it’s still hair, guys.  So you gotta take care of it.”

Check back this week for part 2 of this interview, where Elise dishes on politics (we ask her about Stacy Dash’s endorsement and some of her colleagues’ responses), her relationship status (she confirms that the chances are HIGHLY unlikely that she’d ever date another rapper LOL), her recent experience on ‘Scandal’ and leaving a lasting impression with her legacy. For all things Elise Neal, visit here site or Hollywood Belle Collection line.

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