[WATCH] Last Week’s Episode of ‘Scandal’ : “Beltway Unbuckled”

It’s very rare that we post full episodes of a TV show, but for our imaginary friend, Olivia Pope, we figured that we’d make an exception (Hell, we’re tryna help you cope with #HurricaneSandy boredom). There are some of us who are sorta-kinda obsessed with Shonda Rhimes’ ABC show, ‘Scandal’, starring Kerry Washington.

Whether it’s the weekly high-level story/plot lines, Olivia’s mean fashion game, our love-hate relationship with who y’all call ‘the Red-Head’ (TV name Abby) or her on-again-off-again inappropriate relationship with the President of the ‘Free World’ (TV name Fitzgerald Grant)–we’re addicted. And if you missed last week’s episode (‘Beltway Unbuckle’), you’re in luck. Grab coffee and/or a cocktails and check it out!

Scandal _ Beltway Unbuckled by hulu

P.S. Are Oliva and the president officially over?