Joe Budden & Ex-Girlfriend Tahiry Argue On Twitter Over ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’

Well one things for sure, without an announcement–we can assume that both rapper Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend Tahiry are two cast members of the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: New York. As a backstory, for years, these two had what some called a public toxic relationship in the hip-hop world.

On a regular, we’d catch these two releasing YouTube videos of arguments, read and hear interviews of them battling with each other over infidelity and a bunch of other stuff. Fast forward to the present day, both were rumored to be on LHHNY and it looks like the rumors are true. Earlier Wednesday morning, Tahiry hopped on twitter with some choice tweets for her ex-boyfriend. She wrote:

Flattered that @joebudden keeps rapping about me … Acting like I can’t get over him. knowing that I keep him relevant…@joebudden feed the audience what u want I fight VH1 every episode they try to feed me with your sorry *ss. U need me more than I’ll ever need u! @joebudden once said the one with the biggest mic wins!!! That’s why u talk your sh*t… Well you have just met your match… And I ain’t rapping ! VH1 episode … Ha, without me u have no story…. Lets go…. Lie, it’s what u do best!!!!! Bring on the compelling story. And forget the channel I’m done acting! Matter fact I’m done tweeting. Imma see u !!!! @joebudden believe that. I warned u!!!! Mad b*tches and still rapping about me!!!! And I’m the one no over him amazing !!! Lmao. Off to bed!!!! Ya see as me caring about the n*gga. I’m just tired off him using me. Let me goooo move on or at least act like it damn…I’m waiting @joebudden… Talk yo sh*t… Lets go tweet , rap , interview…. Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!