[Video] Ochocinco Talks About Evelyn Lozada With ESPN’s ‘First Take’

Look, whether or not we still care about what happened between Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson and his ex-wife, reality star Evelyn Lozada, is irrelevant. It seems as if people still care and if you don’t believe me, ask Skip Baylee and Stephen A. Smith. Wednesday, Ocho appeared on ESPN First Take explaining the dramatic night that caused Evelyn and Chad to call it quits–in a very public away. During the segment, when asked, what happened, Ocho stated:

What happened was a mistake–that I’ve continuously apologized for, to the people that I’ve hurt, including my wife–I’ve stated that numerous times….I think me continuing to say sorry, sorta drowns it out.

Watch the full clip below.

What are your thoughts–do you feel that Ocho is remorseful? Should Evelyn forgive him? And what do you feel about Stephen and Skip’s stance on their situation?