Evelyn Lozada Finds Ochocinco’s Sex Tape Hilarious

Just in time to heighten the ongoing drama in Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s public world, there’s more gossip surrounding the former NFL’er. TMZ reports that there is a Ocho sex tape that may very well hit the light of day (via the world wide web). The tape, which Ocho confirms did go down, is of Ocho and two female friends. Reportedly, the steamy sex-capade is sorta-kinda old, taking place three years ago in a hotel room in Florida. So far, the entire video has made it’s way into cyberspace — only bits and pieces — but Ocho’s camp is fighting to have it removed entirely. The most entertaining part of this is Evelyn Lozada’s response to her ex-husband’s sex tape. Allegedly, she was well aware of the tape, but is none too pleased, but seems to taking it as best she can-with sarcastic comedy. On Christmas day, she wrote: