Joe Budden Covers ‘Rolling Out’: Says He Wants Closure From Tahiry

A very introspective Joe Budden, is gracing the latest issue of Rolling Out. Opening up about the women in his life (the curvaceous Tahiry Jones and former BFF Raqi), the new Love & Hip Hop break-out star speaks candidly about life. Peep a few excerpts.

On his relationship status with ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jones: 

“Closure would be nice. But that’s a luxury at this point between her and I. Would I prefer it? Yes. Will it ever be? Who the f–k knows?”

On ending his friendship with Raqi Thunda:

“That relationship is nonexistent. I won’t say it’s because of the show. It’s because of her. The show didn’t do anything — to me, anyway. That was bound to come to its end whether the show was happening or not.”

On being labeled a lady’s man:

“As much as it is communicated, I don’t view myself that way. It’s almost a joke when I hear it. To me, it’s as simple as, I’m attracted to women that a lot of other people seem to be attracted to as well. They’re all beautiful and amazing women — physically, at least. It doesn’t set me apart. But I’m very transparent with them. Maybe most other people are not. Maybe I live in a bubble, in that respect. But that pretty much is always what it is.”

On dealing with fame:

“The fame part is the simplest part. You’re more recognized than the average person. Whoop-de-do. I’m filled with too much humility for that to move me one way or another. I’m not altered by it. But all the things that come along with fame probably affected me. And the way I deal with those things today is entirely different.”

On how his character flaw (stubbornness) has helped him:

 “It’s helped me because I can sleep well at night. I went through a period where I second-guessed everything I did and took advice from other people. And I didn’t sleep well. I decided that I didn’t wanna live that way anymore. Has it hurt the process? Yeah — you get in your own way sometimes and that stubbornness takes its toll. But there’s no reward without any risk. And that’s a risk I’ll always be willing to take.”

Read the full interview here.