Love & Hip Hop’s Raqi Thunda Says Joe Budden Physically Dragged Her Off Camera

By now, you’ll know that although reality TV is allegedly, real, much more goes on behind the scenes. Or at least that’s what Love & Hip Hop’s Raqi Thunda is alleging about one scene in particular. This week, she appeared on ‘The Breafkast Club’ dishing on which cast members she’s beefing with (kinda sounds like all of ’em, except Yandy Smith) and what really happened during the pool scene with Joe Budden and Tahiry. In short, she says that Joe got way more physical with her, forcefully removing her from his home–so much that she lost one of her toe nails (ouch!). Peep a few excerpts from the interview below:

On if she’s ever been intimate with Joe Budden: 

No, I’ve seen his p*nis. He’s like a freakin hippie.

On if Joe physically removed her from his home, during the first episode: 

Like I said, Joe is very protective of Tahiry.

On if Joe choked her out: 

Umm, yeah, we had a moment. He kinda dragged me. I did leave the pool, missing a toenail. He admittently was high as a kite.

On what may have motivated him to confess that he had a relapse: 

He had to take responiblyt for his erratic behavior, otherwise he wasn’t going to be on the show.

On if he was on the drug, ‘Molly’:  

I’m not sure. I hope so. I’ve seen other ppl  on molly’s an they didn’t behave like that.

On being referring to as Industry P***y: 

That’s the thing with this show. I need these rumors to be founded. Call ’em out.

On a word association game, with cast members:  

Rashida: clown

Rich Dolla: Sambo

Erica Mena: Not on my radar.

Winter: Tell All Hoe.

Yandy: Beautiful Sister

Kaylin: Baby girl

Consequence: Bucky Beaver. He bought those. I think it’s teeth on top of teeth.

Joe: Manipulative.

Oliva: Nothing at all.

Tahiry: Insecure. Biatch.

Watch the full episode below.