[Video] Beyonce Changes Clothes, Chats It Up with Deion Sanders

Beyonce had a helluva Thursday afternoon. After performing the national anthem live, then fielding a press conference, she changed clothes (literally) and skipped over to to the NFL Network, to chat with Deion Sanders. Peep some of the excerpts: 

On what makes her happy:

Right now, my family. My husband is incredible. And my daughter is..when I wake up in the morning, the best thing is seeing her face.

On adjusting to motherhood:

It’s so much more fulfilling then anything else.

On if she gets nervous:

Absolutely, I get nervous. It’s the same nervous you feel.

On how many wardrobe changes fans can expect during her performance:

Ummmm, I don’t know.

Any former half-time entertainer that inspired her:

I went back and researched any performance that I could find. My favorite was probably Prince. I love Madonna. I studied Michael (Jackson).

On kids loving ‘Single Ladies’:

It’s a lot children now…my daughter actually sings ‘Uh, Oh’.

On where Deion ranks musically: 

If it was autotune back then…you would’ve been money!

And here’s the full clip: