[WATCH] Fights, Name Calling & ‘Pecking Order’ Rules, ‘The Gossip Game’ New Promo Released

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Mona Scott Young’s new VH1 show, ‘The Gossip Game‘, will not disappoint in the drama department. In typical reality TV show fashion, there’s tension, competitiveness and a close-call, in terms of the physical altercation department. On a positive note, viewers will also see friendship, women making business strives in the music industry and a tiny glimpse of what sometimes goes on inside entertainment journalism. Starring Kim Osorio, Angela Yee, Jas Fly, K.Foxx, Ms. Drama and Vivian Billings (NY Gossip Girl), check out the extended trailer of the season.

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In the promo, you’ll sorta-kinda notice tension between Angela Yee and K.Foxx. If you’re familiar with the New York City radio arena, you know that both morning shows and stations (Power 105 and Hot 97) are very competitive, along with their respective radio personalities. During an interview with Global Grind, Angela Yee shared a bit of uneasy tension between she and K.Foxx. When asked if there were some issues between the two, she explained:

Well, I definitely don’t feel like she likes me too much, but I never really knew her that well. Like I’ve seen her out and about. Sometimes now there’s a little bit tension, but it’s really not on my part. I think she feels uncomfortable when I’m around.

Yee also explained why she doesn’t consider K.Foxx competition:

No, I don’t really feel like that because I don’t think our responsibilities are the same as what I do. Like what she does is not the same as what I do. Me, Charlamagne and Envy are equal on our show. For her, it’s Cypha and Rosenberg’s show and she’s part of that show. It was a job that I was offered first, that I didn’t take bc I wanted to be a equal.

We’re sure that we’ll see story lines revolving around these two, along with Ms. Drama who seems to be ruffling feathers with NY Gossip Girl and Jas Fly.