K. Michelle Trashes Fan for Posting Negative Comments: “You’s A Loser, B*tch!”


K. Michelle Trashes Fan for Posting Negative Comments in Her Instagram Live Session: “You’s a loser, b*tch!”

Singer/reality TV star K. Michelle believes in nipping issues in the bud. Kimberly Pate quickly transitioned to K. Michelle when an Instagrammer posted negative comments during a recent Instagram Live session with fans. K. invited her to do a joint video to confront her. The young woman barely got a word in while K. chewed her out for being unnecessarily rude. K. screamed insults at her for her behavior:

“What’s up make-up-I-did-it-with-Crayola-face-a**, stupid-face-a**, ugly-a**-b*tch! Yellow teeth-a** motherf*cker! Go suck some d*ck!”

Oop! K. Michelle defended the way she handled the Instagrammer in her next IG Live video. She said:

“Cuss they motherf*cking a**es out! You hear me? ‘I’m not- that’s not-‘ You’s a motherf*cking loser! That’s what the f*ck you is, b*tch! On somebody’s comments with a dirty towel wrapped aorund your head! What the f*ck? You couldn’t clean the towel? You couldn’t clean your teeth, either? F*ckin’ yellow teeth! Take your a** the f*ck up off this motherf*cking phone, my n*gga! For real!”

In a much calmer mood, the singer warned anyone else who considered leaving negative comments under her posts:

“Don’t try to get your five minutes of fame coming over here talking. Your momma still don’t want you, and your daddy ran away from home. It is what it is. Don’t be over tryin’ to get no attention, ’cause I’ll just block your a**. What y’all doin’?”


That wasn’t K. Michelle’s first time being live and direct with someone stepping into her territory. She recently scared the living daylights out of a young lady doing odd things on her front porch. K. saw the surveillance footage of the young lady in her front yard, and blasted her through her doorbell’s intercom system.  K. Michelle yelled:

“Get the fuck off my porch! Get yo’ a** off this motherf*cking porch, b*tch!”

You have to appreciate K. Michelle’s honesty!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay